Konflikt 47

Konflikt-47-coverI have just ordered my copy of Konflikt 47 for the rather excellent price of £17.13 from Books Etc.

This is yet another Weird War II set of rules but this time using the Bolt Action game mechanics.

So already knowing how Bolt Action pays, and liking those rules a lot anyway, this seems like a good way to get some more use out of my Secrets Of The Third Reich US Army models…and maybe even my Allies and Axis from the Dust range

Konflikt-47-Alternative-CoverThe models have been created by Clockwork Goblin and I had already bought some back at a Salute show ages ago for the British Steampunk army, although I did remove the Russian star from the chest plates of the heavy infantry.

The cover to the right must have been an early concept draft of the book cover as it is not the one that Osprey/Warlord Games have gone with.




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