Industrial Table

Before a planned “big 40K game” I set up all of the industrial terrain I have been building to see if anything was missing. After more than 18 months of designing, building and painting, the whole lot covered a 6×4 table and I have to say it looked pretty damn good!

The dice tower is not really suitable for a large 40K game, it is better suited to Rogue Stars or Kill Team. Chucking 40 Storm Bolter dice down it just would not work. But it still works as a bit of terrain regardless of the rules system.

There are loads of walkways connecting all of the towers, I have found that the extra wide walkways work best one level down from the top of a tower, makes it easier to get a hand in there to move the models around.

Down at ground level, there are loads of new bits that connect the ground plates together. I have been making several different designs, trying to find one that is my favourite, so far there are a few designs that I like.

This vent design below is made from a couple of plastic bottle lids with mdf bits inserted.

For a bit of variety, I have made some raised sections, particularly good as a landing pad for a really big ship.

There are also some very long walkways, a great idea and they look great, but models tend not to move very far during a turn, so I can see a squad being left out on a walkway and vulnerable to enemy fire.

The large X piece below is another experimental design for linking ground sections together.

The next set of industrial terrain pictures will be of a 150 Power per side game, Death Guard against an aliance of Grey Knights and Blood Angels.

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