This is a list of the of the stuff I have to work on in the immediate future. My definition of the immediate future is the next twelve months. And of course the trouble is that I keep buying more stuff to add to the Loft Full Of Lead.

Last updated: February 2019
Transformers Ark Conversion
Imperial Knights Army
Westwind Mechs
Mid-Nor Dwarf Army
Quinjet Conversion
Slave 1 Conversion
Millennium Falcon Conversion
Aircraft Carrier
Flying Carrier
Steampunk Twin Bottle Flying Ship
Heavy Steampunk Tanks
Relic Knight Black Diamond
Empire Of The Dead Coach and Horses
Axis Dust army (lots)
Alien plants
Forge World Landship
No Quarter Regency Artilley
Relic Knights Cerci Speed Circuit
Battletech 28mm scale Battlemech
Eldar Tempest
Tyranid Haruspex
Empire Knights
(Re-base) Empire Greatswords
Empire Steam Tank
Empire Battle Wagon


Six resin steam aircraft
GR-75 Transporter Conversion
Astropolis Crew
Industrial Processing Towers & Landing Platform
Port Gaming Tiles
TT Combat Warehouse
TT Combat CraneOgrynsMore Automotans!
Ramshackle Vole Light Tanks
Prussian APC
Prussian Light MG Tanks
Meridian Militia
Brigade 6mm Tank Company
Dwarf Frostgrave Faction
Command APC
A7 Tank Bikes
Conveyor APC’s
Titan Forge Zeppelins
Black Scorpion Navy Marines
Steampunk Artillery
Sedition Wars Vanguard
Prussian Scrunts
Controntation Dwarf Steam Jump Troops
Controntation Dwarf Steam Snipers
Ramshackle Land Train
Meridian Infantry
Meridian Artillery Crew Conversions
Steampunk Giant Bear and Rider
Ironclad Steampunk Tanks
Ironclad Tunneling Machine
Empire Of The Dead Vampire Crew
Warzone Dark Legion
Warzone Brotherhood
Four tracked resin light support vehicles

Oh dear…there is lots more in the Loft Full Of Lead



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