Odds And Ends

I did manage to get some odds and ends finished this week, lots to tools, weapons and accessories to scatter around on my ships, towns and just about any gaming table. My favourite bit is the gun case.


What’s On The Table?

There is just no pleasing some people. Not so long ago it was too wet outside to undercoat any models. Now the weather is too nice to be inside painting. So here is what has been on the painting table for a while, some of Bob Olleys Victorian Scrunts. In the meantime I have been clearing the shed and doing some gardening.
I am planning to finish these by the weekend. Maybe. You would think that as I am not currently working that I would have time for everything.

Grey Knight Rifleman

My Grey Knight army has been built up over many years. Another way of putting it would be to say that I had a load of really old Grey Knight Terminators that were not being used, and I decided to put together a small retinue force with the Terminators as the core.
One of the few new models I actually purchased was a dreadnought body from eBay and some Autocannon weapons from Forge World.
Maybe one day this model will see some action, but it is more likely to be in a game of No Limits rather than 7th Edition Warhammer 40,000$.

Battle Dog Kickstarter

It is the last week of the Ramshackle Kickstarter for their Battle Dog and Püg. I like this small tank and have opted for a squadron!
The shot above is an earlier version, the final models will have a lowered turret ring and an extended hull to the rear of the tracks.
The picture on the right shows some of the evolution taking place during the Kickstarter following backers feedback. The sponsons can be replaced with full length armoured plates if required, but I prefer the sponsons, who wants armour when you can have more guns!

These models will be used in one of my No Limits forces and may even get profiled for a role in my AT-43 UNA army.

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