US Infantry Size Comparisons

Been looking for some standard US infantry models to use with Dust. The plan is to have a unit of twelve standard infantry models, but so far, all of the models I already have look a little short next to a Dust infantry model.


From right to left, the above models are:
1. Artizan
2. Artizan
3. Rules Of Engagement
4. Dust
5. Bolt Action
6. Secrets Of The Third Reich

I am now thinking twice about rebasing all of my Dust models on 25mm round bases as they do stand a bit taller than everything else.

Meridian Steampunk Company

All of the Meridian infantry models are finished, four squads with infantry support weapons and officers.



Each squad consists of six men, additional support weapons can be added as required.


There are actually too many to crew the Aeronef, so the spares will be going with the WWI tanks that will be steampunked up a bit. I have some suitable weapons to magnetise onto the main turret.

Meridian Steampunk Infantry

This Kickstarter delivered just before Christmas and I have nearly managed to complete all of the models. These are great sculpts by Andrew May and he has a whole set of steampunk rules in development for them.

For the time being, I will be using them as crew for my No Quarter Skyship and maybe as an Empire Of The Dead faction, somewhere in between the bobbies and a Gentlemens Club.

meridian09I hope that there will be some more models in the future, particularly hopeful that there will be some artillery pieces of some description.

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