Prussian Army Plans

Now that Bob Olley’s Prussian Kickstarter has been funded, I now have a pretty good idea of how the Prussian and Imperial steampunk forces will look like. The Imperial force will be based on the Meridian infantry figures from a previous Kickstarter by Andrew May.

First up, the Prussian Army.

As mentioned in previous posts, the Prussian Scrunts will be mostly infantry with rifles.

There are then three other recent Kickstarters that have offered up suitable models for support assets.
1. Curious Contructs Support Weapons
2. Titan-Forge Zeppelins
3. Ramshackles StugPug

The options I will go for from Rob’s Curious Contructs are suited to the Prussian style…

The Curious Contructs Vergeltungswaffe Kirschkern Maikäfer Terror Weapon…

The Curious Contructs Nebelwerfer Rocket Mortar…

For airpower, there are the Zeppelins from Titan-Forge. I really should have bought more of these and not gone for the foot soldiers…ah well…

Just add a squadron of three StugPug tanks from the Kickstarter run by Ramshackle Games and it is done…


As you can see, I have undercoated the Battle Dog and StugPug models ready for whatever I am going to do them next…


Random Objectives

I have a few Scibor models that have been used in my Grey Knight army, these sometimes come with a scenic base. I am not a great fan of scenic bases that raise the height of the miniature as I like the whole army to have the same base style.

So I painted a few bases up to be used as random objectives, or something like that anyway.


Battle Dog Sponsons

Having finished building the main Battle Dog and Pug chassis last week, I thought I would have a go at making the sponsons and sponson weapons interchangeable. As regular readers will know, I use a lot of magnets on my vehicle models and this one takes the prize as the most magnets used on one model…let alone the total number used on three of them.


battledogsponson3As shown above, I drilled out a 2mm hole in each of the weapons and inserted a magnet so it was flush. I then carefully added a magnet into the top of each sponson taking care to get the poles right otherwise there would be trouble. Luckily, the magnets are strong enough to hold the weapon in place perfectly without needing another magnet on the bottom as well.

battledogsponson2With the magnet added into the sponson, it also means that the weapon can pivot as well. This was more by luck than judgement as I was not sure how this would work. My fall back position was that it it did not work very well, then I would just glue a machine gun weapon into the sponson and be done with it. But it all worked out very well indeed, even if I did use loads of magnets.

The side door on the chassis had a ressessed “door handle” which was the same diamter as the magnets I most commonly use, so it seemed like a good idea to drill it out and insert a 2mm magnet. On the sponson, the magnet was left sticking out about .5mm to help the sponson sit really well on the side of the chassis.


The final use of magnets was to make the hatches, commanders and gunners removeable.


This also means that I can use different commander or gunner models in the future.


I think there are about 22 magnets in total for each tank, this includes all the weapon options. Insantity.

Prussian Kickstarter Finishes

Bob Olley’s Prussian Kickstarter finished last night and been well funded to the tune of $6,963.

A bunch of stretch goals were hit including the Generals shown below.

So although I recently said that I really must stop buying stuff, I have gone in to this for more than 50 Prussian models. But I do have a plan, this is to create a Prussian steampunk army using these scrunts along with various other models from here and there…

Most of the Prussian models I am after are basic infantry armed with rifles, the standard foot soldier and backbone of any army.

Luckily the artillery crew stretch goal was reached that will allow all sorts of heavy weapons to be used with the Prussians. More later…

Metal Beards Deliver

Another Kickstarter has delivered.

I really am going to have to stop buying stuff.

I did not go in large on the Titan Forge Kickstarter, I was originally going to get various models in the skirmish pack, but when these Zeppelins were revealed, I was sold.

So with the Prussian infantry that are coming later in the year, and the Pug tanks, this will be the full Prussian steampunk army.

I have had a quick look at the kits and they come in a ton of bits with no instructions…it may take a while to put one together. There is also a lot of flash to clean up on the Zeppelin models. I do like a challenge.

Rivet Wars Gameplay

I have had a few goes of Rivet Wars now and it is a nice simple yet challenging game. It is very much a scenario driven game with a set number of victory points to achieve to determine who wins. Each player turn, the Allies and the Blight have a number of deployment points to use to pick what to call up from the reserves. Infantry are key as only they can hold objectives. So it ends up with wave after wave of troops being called up to try to take and hold objectives. As units get killed off, they recycle into the reserves.

There are some Action cards which players can use to spring surprises on the opponents and Secret Mission cards, which seem to be much harder to achieve.


There are several different types of unit, infantry, cavalry, support and tanks (aircraft are coming soon). Most can only take one point of damage, but some of the larger units can take up too four points.

It is a great fun game, not too serious, but a great laugh.

Wave two of the Kickstarter is in the process of being distributed and this include the aircraft of the Battle Of Brighton and loads more ground units, this really will take the games to the next level as biplanes, triplanes and blimps take to the skies.

In the future, there should be more factions, most likely starting with the Ruska.

After that, who knows, the world map has a number of other factions.

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