First Go Of Rivet Wars

This has been sitting on my shelf for several months now, but I finally got it out and had a game. Great fun! The rules are a bit light and vague places, but once we worked it out, it played really quick and would swing one way and then the other. Its grid based, models need a 5+ to hit, most things take a single wound and reinforcements just keep coming back into play, simple but with a subtle tactical element.
I can’t wait for the Battle Of Brighton wave two models to arrive, which should apparently be soon, ish.


Battle Dog Kickstarter

Now this a rare event, a Kickstarter that actually delivered on time!

This Kickstarter by Curtis Fell of Ramshackle Games was funded in June 2014 with a promised delivery date of August 2014. The shocking fact here is that it delivered in July and August 2014, bang on schedule for me as mine arrived today, unlike a whole bunch of other Kickstarters I have bought into over the last two years.


I have three of these bad boys to build and paint, so far I have only unpacked and had a quick look over the components. The cast quality is very good indeed and will not take too long to clean up.

There are plenty of options in building these tanks with a multitude of weapon options, including side sponsons.

(click to zoom)

The turret has plenty of main guns to choose from, although these can also be used as a main gun on the hull as well.


There are two options for the  turret mount, one that sits the turret quite high from the hull and a second that reduces the gap between the turret and the hull. A third option is to not have a turret at all and have a Stug style tank hunter, so a top plate just with a hatch is also provided.


The tracks  are well detailed and the side sponsons can be fitted over the doors if required.


There is also a Commander and gunner figure that can be fitted to the turret.


Once I have cleaned up all the parts, I am going to have a go at using magnets to make the weapons interchangeable. This could be easy to do but it will depend on how brittle the resin is.

I have to say that I am very happy with this project and I will keep an eye out for the next Kickstarter from Curtis and Ramshackle Games.

What’s On The Table?

So here are the some of the models currently knocking around of the painting table. Mostly Empire Of The Dead proxy models for the Vampire crew.
wip060814One of the great things about a game like Empire Of The Dead is that you need very few models for a crew, this makes it very easy to try out a new faction, even if I do proxy in most of the models by recycling some old unpainted stuff from the loft.

Carried Away With Magnets

Sergeant Victory is a 45 point model in Dust Warfare, very expensive, so as yet, I have not included him in any army list or tried him out in a game.  An Axis playing friend was kind enough to donate him to my Allied force some time ago, so I really must get him painted and include him in a game.

So as this model can operate at either ground level or flying level, I decided to use some small magnets on the base and the foot of the model to allow him to be easily switched from one mode to the other. Without doing this, the model cannot be used at ground level as the hole in the base is much larger than the lug on the foot, it is only really designed to be used on the flying stand.

I popped out the Dust insert on the underneath of the base and glued a magnet that was large enough to cover the hole.

I then had to cut off the lug the figures foot and then replace it with the smallest magnet I have in my stash.
sergeantvictory2A magnet of the same size as used on the foot was then glued into the top of the flying stand.

The flying stand currently still pushes into the base and unless it gets loose, I don’t see a need to replace the flight stand lug with a magnet.
sergeantvictory3 sergeantvictory4
Simple really, perhaps a bit over the top, but when he is painted up, the magnet should be pretty invisible.

Vampire Crew

As previously mentioned, another project I have started is a Vampire crew for Empire Of The Dead. After digging around in the Loft Full Of Lead, I found a number of old models that would fit very nicely into the game.

First up is a Vampire General from Warhammer Fantasy Cash Cow that I painted many years ago. I thought he would work well as the Graf (the leader fro the Vampire crew) in heavy armour.
vampires1These next two GW models were never painted and date from about 1995 I think. Not sure if I will use the male Vampire, but the female model will work well as a consort.
vampires4The three models below are from the Confrontation Dirz range and will do nicely as Thralls armed with crossbows.
vampires2There are also some old wolves that need rebasing and a bit of a touch up.

Vampire Coach

I have had this model knocking around for years. As I will never play Warhammer Fantasy Cash Cow again, I will use this in Empire Of The Dead as a coach for my Vampire crew. It is a great model from the heyday of GW, all I need to do is swap out the skeleton horses for some with a bit of flesh and it will do very nicely. I do need a coachman of some sort, the one it originally came with was a bit of a wraith and not really the sort of geezer one would expect, I really want a butler type in a top hat…
Now where did I put the wheels?

New Dust Delivery

I grumbled a few weeks ago about the cost of models, like those from Dust, being expensive in the UK. So as I am in the USA again, I thought I would stock up on some extra goodies for me and the guys. But I have to say that most of what is shown is for my Axis force.
For packing and shipping back to Blighty, I was able to repack all the infantry models into the vehicle boxes and only end up with four. Which is just as well, as the two large Axis boxes alone take up a lot of space. I also picked up a couple of Reaper models for my Empire Of The Dead crew as they can be difficult to find at home.

I am flying home tomorrow and will have to move the painting of my new large Axis force up the priority list…

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