Photography Experiments

Now that I have a couple of lamps to go with my lightbox (tent) with some 5500K bulbs, I have been experimenting with photographs. Still got a way to go until I find the right settings on my camera, but the results are moving in the direction.


The next image is edited showing half with the photographed background and half with it edited out.
My aim is to get to a plain white background with little or no shadow. I have a couple of basic cameras and need to play about with the settings and in particular, the White Balance.

Quonset Huts

Finished painting six quonset huts for Dust and WWII games, although they will get used in AT-43 and any other modern through to sci-fi game.

quonsethuts1The armoured tractor painted last week is shown here alongside the huts. I must get some sort of watch tower and an airfield control building to finish off the theme.

quonsethuts2These were undercoated with Army Painter Olive spray, but the paint dried with a very rough grainy effect. While this was not a problem on the huts, it has not left the desired finish on the Antenocitis Nova-Rus Jeep.

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