The Daily Dwarf #2

This dwarf is so cool, he has shades with mirrors on the inside and the outside! But apparently the real story is that his eyes are always watering because he sneezes a lot so he tries to hide it behind the glasses.


The Daily Dwarf #1

I thought I would post a close up of the Scrunts (Dwarfs) I have been painting recently. I am just about to embark on the next Scrunt project which has about 50 Prussian Scrunts, in the meantime, here is the Daily Dwarf #1, armed with a rotary machine gun. You would not want to nod off in charge of this thing.

Arcadia Quest Arrives

Two Kickstarters delivering in one week, that is just bad timing. So in the same week that my Prussian Scrunts arrive, Arcadia Quest from CMON also arrived in a sizable box. It is very late blah blah blah and was available in stores before European backers got their stuff blah blah blah. Anyway, it is here…
So far, I have only had a peek inside the box and there certainly seems to be plenty of it.
This is a game to play over Christmas sometime with the family…if I can get them interested.

Prussian Scrunts Arrive

A heavy package of Olley’s Armies Prussian Scrunts arrived today. Very happy with the models, plenty of infantry, a close combat squad and lots of engineer models for the artillery that will be along sometime.

prussianscruntsClick to zoom

So I am very keen to get started putting them together, maybe this weekend.

One of the benefits of getting in early on the Kickstarter was getting a unique Bob Olley sculpt shown below.

Built The Zeppelins

Went a bit on and off building these monsters, but the main construction of the Titan-Forge Zeppelins is finished.

Once all the engines were fitted, the filling challenge was not as bad as I thought it was going to be.
The worst bit was the tail rudder section which need quite a bit of shaped green stuff to fill a gap.

The Ancestral Zeppelin shown below is half the size of the Ancient Zeppelin, but there are three of them…
Now that winter has set in over here in chilly Bedfordshire, I am always worried about spray undercoating out in the garage when there is lots of moisture in the air and ending up with a model that has a very uneven and sandy surface. I will have to do a test run on something I don’t need…

Heavy Scrunts

I finally finished off the last of the Victorian Scrunts as I am expecting a mass of new lead to land with a thump inside the front door very soon.
heavyscrunt1I have a couple of uses for these models. Firstly as an alternative crew for Empire Of The Dead and secondly as some freebooter/scientist/engineer/mercenary types for the Prussian Scrunt army.

I have enjoyed painting these models. As their heads are actually quite large, I can even paint the eyes, which is something that I don’t usually do on more human sized 28mm models.

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