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Mechanica Roller Blades

I picked up these Nuem Auxilium Equites from Tor Gaming to use as close combat robot infantry of sorts in my Steampunk Mechanica army.
There were six in the pack, Steam Wars has six infantry models in a unit, it is as if they were made for it.


Mechanica Army Project

I have started work on my next Steampunk army, the mainly robot army, which I think will be called Mechanica (or Mekanica).

I do not usually take on a large number of models in an army any more, but these are actually quite quick to paint. The overall army colour scheme is going to be silver and bolt gun with some brass and metallic blue here and there!
The core infantry will be the Spartan Games Automota models from Dystopian Legions. Although they are a real pain to put together, I seem to have conveniently forgotten the hell I went through and bought some more.
assaultbots1Over the years I have collected loads of models that have either never been used in any games, or just don’t get used enough. Some of the following Armorcast models had been used in my British Steampunk army a couple of times, but as the Mechanica army collection started to take shape, they got put to one side to be saved for another day and another battle.

steampunkwalker4bI have noticed that as I picked up models from here and there, I started to notice that quite a few had a spherical theme going on. This was very much by accident.

Although I am not limiting what I buy based on shape, it may well be that lots of the vehicles and some of the infantry models may be a bit on the round side.

steampunkwalker5aThese old Armorcast walking tanks are great examples of golf ball sized models that fit really well into the robot theme.

The largest of the tank models planned is the Rising Sun Ke-Ho Ironclad, which will need a much better robo-sounding name.

I also have some ideas for some robo-aircraft, but they will not be very round at all…