Lion Rampant

Osprey have release a Second Edition hardback version of Daniel Mersey’s Lion Rampant.

I did not have a go at the First Edition, I do not have any historically accurate forces, but I have decided to try the new rules with my Games Of Thrones Lannister army and then perhaps my really old Warhammer Empire army. I will see how they both fit into the troop types, but as they have a maximum of twelve models in a unit, it is as if the rules were made for my Lannister army.

I like Dragon Rampant, the fantasy version and there is a sci-fi version coming soon called Xenos Rampant in November which I will likely give a go as well.

3 thoughts on “Lion Rampant”

    1. You never know. Xenos Rampant looks like it will be a hardcover, so it is possible that Dragon Rampant will similarly be second editioned as an expanded set of rules.

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