Tyranids vs Necrons…Again

The Tyranids were at the Necrons…again.

This time I got to use an old Armorcast Haruspex for the very first time. This model had been sitting up in the Loft Full Of Lead for more than 20 years. In fact we have been in this current house for 20 years so it must have been in the previous Loft (not quite so) Full Of (as much) Lead for a few years as well.

This was a 100 Power game, so pretty much only added in the Haruspex and a few other proxy Pyrovores.

Mr Steinberg added a few new Necron units, but to be honest, I really don’t know what they are called, there were just plenty of them.

Massed firepower from a unit of Necron Warriors sure does make a mess of a unit of poor harmless Genestealers

Having two large Tyranid critters, one for close combat and one for shooting large targets is something I have never had before so it has been fun to have a chance.

I still manage to forget loads of special rules that would benefit units, but I did remember to use a respawn unit tactics card and bring back some Hormagants just in time to threaten an objective.

This game came down to a single objective, with a mad dash at the end and plenty of ensuing carnage.

When the Haruspex got into combat, it certainly proved its worth as it munched through a unit of Necron Warriors and even recovered some wounds, although one would think that Necrons are not particularly nutritious.

I have a plan to include some more proxy units in the next game…

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