Perhaps not the best time to release a new set of rules, during a global lockdown when none of us can get together to play a game, but Osprey have popped out the new Oathmark rulebook. The advantage is that now is the time to dig through the Lofty Full Of Lead and find an appropriate set of figures to use.
Rather weirdly, an army can include figures from several races so mixing Human, Dwarf and Elven models o one army is not out of the question. In fact, for the first game (eventually), I will be able to use my Rackham Dwarves along with old Human militia. I don’t think I should mix Orcs in there…

The rules look good, movement tray based, not sure there is ever a reason to have a single hero runing around without a unit.

Mr Steiberg reckons cavalry are seriously tough and I have been wanting to build and paint some old Games Workshop Empire models for a decade or two. Nearly three.

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