Viking Prototypes

In a brief pause in the design of Tudor buildings, I created a few Viking style buildings for whenever we get back to playing games like Ragnarok.

The buildings were easy enough to design, I had fun doing a slighty curved roof. Rather than just have a tiled effect cut into the mdf roof, I wanted to use some roofing material to make it different from my other designs. So far I have experimented with a couple of roof materials, old towel and teddy bear fur.

I used loads of PVA glue painted onto the roof to stick down the towel (above) and the fur (below).

With both drying, I then mixed up a bit of water with PVA and liberally applied that on all over the top to let it harden for subsequent painting.

I think the fur has the best finish and with a bit of drybrushing, the effect is pretty good.

The towel ends up looking a bit too flat, I don’t like that at all.

More to come with teddy bear fur!

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