First Ragnarok Game

We got our first game of Ragnarok in this week, it seemed to go quite well, there are quite a few rules we still need to read up on, but it was quite good fun. In the last few weeks we have been doing a bit of Game Of Thrones, tried Warcry for the first time and now had a go at Ragnarok. There are too many good new games around at the moment.

Anyway, in this first clash of Ragnarok, the two sides consisted of most of the model profiles listed in the rules, so we got to see the differences between the majority of them. After the first game we decided that less than 10 models per side may be better and that shields are probably a good idea. We also need some counters to represent various game effects, I can feel some new laser cut designs coming along.

Models typically have two actions each, combat is a 2D6 roll using a melee skill versus defence, there is then a 2D6 roll to wound of strength versus armour. Pretty straight foward stuff, but there are interupt options available in melee where the model being charges can stike first.

As models make attacks, they generate Godspark counters which can be used to cast special abilities. There are loads of Godspark abilities in the book that need some serious consideration before the next game. I think Osprey need to make a deck of cards for the Godspark abilities, or I may just make some for myself of the abilities that I like the sound of. My opponent really liked a flaming arrow ability, but I used a deflection ability to bounce it into another melee, rather amusing!

There are some more games planned, so I really must get back to reading the rules.

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