Dragon Rampant Game

Mr Steinberg and I had another Dragon Rampant game recently, once again it was his chaotic snail and slug slime horde against the proud and less slimy Dwarves of Tir-Na-Bor.

These two forces are getting to know each other quite well, we have been fielding well used army lists for a few games now.

These Elite Thermo Warriors are one of the best combat units but they are better when attacking rather than defending.

The cavalry give some much needed speed, very useful for grabbing objectives.

We had quite a few skirmishes where units on both sides were getting worn down as casualties mounted.

The dwarves have finally finished building their Clockwork Dragon (because these Dwarves don’t like real Dragons much) and it fits the brass and metal theme for the Tir-Na-Bor army.

Mr Steinberg‘s Reaper Bones giant worms are pretty gruesome looking, here are three advancing on a blue gem objective.

The Belicose Boors below are a favourite unit of mine, as long as they get to charge and not get charged!

The Queen Slug really is very big, gnarly and intimidating, so I really wanted my Clockwork Dragon to get into combat with it.

The shooty Dwarves with Heavy Missiles are a nice looking unit, but I still struggle with the Move or Shoot rule, getting them into position and expecting the enemy not to move out of range before they can fire is rather annoying.

I am going to have to get Mr Steinberg to remind me what these models below were profiled as…

The Queen Slug and the Boors went at it for a few rounds

But then it was time for the two big models to have a go at each other.

By the end of this game, there was not much left on the table on either side, I do like the way this game can swing one way and then the other.

One day I will find the time to sort out a couple of new Dragon Rampant forces.

I fancy fielding a human Empire style army but have to sort through The Loft Full Of Lead to remind myself what I have, I know there are plenty of crossbow models and some sword and shield models, but I need to paint up some Knights.

The next force I want to put together is a chaos army using Mid-Nor Chaos Dwarves, old Koralon slugs and some old Warhammer Chaos models.

One day…

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