Kill Team Assassination

Mr Steinberg and I played out the Till Team Assassination scenario with my Elucidian Starstriders having the unenviable task of taking out a Space Marine commander.

I had the Industrial Tower terrain up, again, but it is new so I am using it a lot!

As the Elucidian Starstriders had to advance on the Space Marine position, I set them up around Larsen van der Grauss as his Voltagheist Array provides an Invulnerable save to nearby friendly models.

Before the target of the assassination could get up off the ground level, the heroic hound, Aximillion, charged the commander to at least try to hold him up.
The rest of the Elucidian Starstriders tried to draw some fire while the main group moved towards the target…

The Primaris Reivers managed to sneak up on the poor Voidsmen and make short work of them.

It got a bit hectic next, so no more pictures, but the Elucidian Starstriders managed to charge the Space Marine Commander, Elucia Vhane leading the way. Although Vhane got a few hits in, Space Marines have great armour and the Commander managed to keep on his feet.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Space Marines moved in to support their leader and gradually took down the Starstriders. For Vhane and her team it was close but no cigar.

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