Kill Team Game

Mr Steinberg and I had a game of Kill Team recently, my Elucidian Starstriders against his Astartes Marines.

This was a simple take and hold objectives game with one in the middle and four more dotted around.

Some nice large crates had Voidmaster Nitsch and the Assassin make good use of cover to keep out of line of sight ready to charge heroically into combat.

The trouble with holding an objective is that some poor chap has to go stand next to it in the open.

Voidmaster Nitsch was not quite close enough for a charge so he moved up to try soem ranged attacks.

Meanwhile, Elucia Vhane charged into the Marines, she is a tough cookie so can take care of herself.

The Starstrider Assassin failed to charge a couple of times, leaving the Starstriders to get a bit outnumbered.

The Assassin was still not charging.

The Starstriders did manage to hang on to some objectives and squeak a win, but it was very close.

Kill Team is a nice game, a great opportunity to work on a nice small group of models.

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