Steam Wars

A game is so much more fun when the terrain looks great. A recent game of Steam Wars used a whole load of Joken’s Conflix buildings along with other nice stuff.

Walls and hedges are always good, even if a hedge won’t protect you much from a Heavy Machine Gun…

We have a nice mixture of models from various sources in our respective forces. Both Joken and I have Spartan and Privateer Press models along with all sorts of other stuff. Although I have not played Warmachine for a very long time, the models are brilliant and I still have more Khador that have never been painted. These Man O’War models often make an appearance as heavy infantry.

And I always like to include some fast elite units like the Treadbikes and the Sky Hussars.

The opposing side included Luftlancers, a sniper mech and some machine gun bots lurking in the woods.

We played a scenario where each side had to retrieve some steam-tech from the opposing side of the battlefield.

The heavy Teutonic Knights are always a tough unit to face, equipped with a couple of machine guns and a powerful Tesla Lance.

This was a cautious game, both sides utilising plenty of cover and slowly advancing. The British Frankensteamer was taken out by the combined firepower of the Heavy Knights.

Meanwhile the Heavy Infantry used cover while the Technomage totally failed to get any Arctech powers to work. The plan had been to Translocate the heavy infantry close enough to the Teutonic Knights for a charge.

On the other side of the battlefield, the Luftlancers charged the Treadbikes.

…and inflicted plenty of wounds, killing two and causing a retreat for the survivor.

It seemed like a good time for the British Dropship to deposit a squad of Scouts near an objective to see if they could make off with it. They failed…

Neither side looked like capturing an objective without taking massive losses, so it seemed the best decision was to go to the pub and discuss tactics over a pint.

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