Steam Wars Skirmish

So it has been a long hot summer, not a lot of painting, not a lot of modelling and only a little gaming. I did manage a small of game of Steam Wars last week with a visiting old friend from across the pond.

The game was set up on a 4′ by 4′ table using my new cobble boards and plenty of terrain.
This was a small game, the British Empire defending against the Prussian Scrunts. Both forces were mostly infantry with only a couple of light vehicles.
The British started with only half their force on the table when the Prussians launched their attack, the rest of the force were alerted when the attack commenced and could come on from turn two.
The mission was for the Prussian forces to disrupt a British resupply of the Aeroneff HMSS Reliant. The Aeroneff was scenery for this game and was not going to be taking to the air.

The British Sky Hussars made good use of the Reliant, using their jump packs to leap to the deck ready for a subsequent jump.

The Prussian jump troops, the Wechseln Angriffseinheit charged into the British Iron Man heavy infantry and their close combat steam weapons killed three of the defender.
The British Treadbikes roared on to support the infantry and were eliminated by the combined firepower of the Ungeheuer (Bob Olley classic Ogryns) and a Heavy Machine Gun.
The British troops were struggling to keep back the attacking Prussians, the fire and maneuver blitzkrieg tactics were working perfectly.
In the end the British defence collapsed and the Prussians not only stopped the resupply of the HMSS Reliant, but were also able to subsequently sabotage the Aeroneff.

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