While over here in the USA, we went to see Valerian. The Fifth Element is a great Luc Besson film and I hoped that he would bring the same fun and vision to Valerian.

Unfortunately that was not the case, it started quite well with a potted history of the how the space station came to exist, the alien races were very imaginative. The trouble is that these aliens did not feature in much more of the film.
The movie universe and the special effects were brilliant, masterful, a pleasure to behold. The story was all over the place. Whole scenes seemed to be unnecessary and in a number of cases, just confusing. Half way through the movie, I had forgotten what they had to do to save whatever they had to save. Overall, great to look at, but no substance.

Anyway, Bladerunner 2049 and Thor: Ragnarok are coming soon.


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