Sci-Fi Transporter Ship

A long time ago is a town far far away (Margate I think), I was driving along minding my own business and saw some Star Wars models in the front window of what was basically a junk shop. I stopped and bought them for a few quid each thinking about conversion possibilities. So, twenty plus years later I have decided to start on the first one. What was a Star Wars GR-75 Transport will become a ship for 25mm models for games such as Rogue Stars, No Limits and quite possibly the latest incarnation of 40K.

The model was incomplete when I parted with my cash, but as I only wanted the hull, that was not a problem. It is a good size inside and once some decking has been added, there will be plenty of room for models.

I have various bits from Ainsty Castings and Antonocitis Workshop to go inside to make a command center for the bridge and a workshop area.

To start with, I made some card decks to see how much space I would have to work with. The rear section will be an engine of some sort with plenty of control panels.

I need to make some landing gear as well as I want it to sit high enough off the ground for models to access a ramp to the access point in the middle.


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