On The Seven Seas

So, we tried out On The Seven Seas last night for the first time.

It was disappointing. It is a game that I do not think we will be returning to. The basic concept of Greed versus Fear sounded quite good, the side with the higher Greed value goes first and if a crews Fear gets too high then they lose.

However, the model and weapon profiles meant that combat was not a very satisfying experience.

It is recommended that a 6′ by 4′ table is used. Models on foot move at 4″ per turn. Basic muskets have a range of 8″. Pistols have a range of a mere 2″. So the first who-knows-how-many turns are just movement. Zzzzzz.

When you do get in range to shoot at an opponent, you need a D10 roll of 10 to hit. A roll or 8 or 9 causes a Fall Back, which just means moving back by 1″.

Close combat is a bit better but not by much. Each player rolls a dice, if a player beats the other by 4 or more, he wins and the opponent is removed as a casualty.

The models don’t really have a profile to speak of. There is no damage roll but some models apparently get a saving throw, but we could not find what the roll was or who gets it.

Anyway, this book is going on the shelf. Cutlass is a much better game.

In two weeks we will give Legends Of The High Seas a go. After that, I need to get Mr Steinberg to have a go with my No Quarter Naval Battles rules.

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