What About The Weather?

I don’t like undercoating models when it is cold or raining, the moisture in the air can sometimes react with the spray paint and make the surface very rough. I had this experience once with a very nice resin vehicle and really never want to repeat it.

So here I am with a growing pile of models waiting for a dry non-freezing weekend day to get spraying…

Honestly, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.


2 thoughts on “What About The Weather?”

  1. I recommend to get some brush-on primer for such days. You can get both acrylic based products and something a bit more potent e. g. Tamiya Fine Surface Primer. The latter needs some thinning with their own lacquer thinner, as it is rather thick.

    1. I have not brushed on undercoat for many many years, spraying is so much easier.
      But the way the cold is hanging around, I may well start again on a few figures. I will have to go hunting some on eBay.

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