Dust SSU Mech

ssu-mech2I am a big fan of Dust Battlefield/Tactics/Warfare and have quite a few Allied and Axis models. I do not intend to start an SSU force, but I do like some of the models. I acquired one of the Mechs some time ago and was wondering what to do with it. Maybe use it in Steam Wars or maybe in a sci-fi game…

The model was in a running pose that really was leaning too far forward, so the first thing I did was carefully twist the legs off keeping the lugs!
When I had straightened the model up, I thought the cannon and flamer arms seemed a bit long so I shortened them by removing most of the articulated arm.
But it makes sense for the chainsword arm to be a longer limb so it can be swung around in combat. As the arms do not need to be glued in place I can switch the chainsword and flamer arms.

I just need to decide what I will use if for.


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