The Year Ahead

In 2017 I can already tell that I will have less time to paint and work on the piles of projects that have accumulated in the Loft Full Of Lead.

I do still have some goals, Mr Steinberg and I have decided we will have a Pirate period and play a few of the rules we have had knocking around for a while. Not sure that we will have a go at Freebooters Fate as it requires specific models and reference cards, the other games are more generic and allow any suitable models to be used.


roguestarsAlso up in the New Year will be a few games of Osprey’s new Rogue Stars. I have already started to create some Rogue Stars model profiles but they do take a while to sort out. I have dug out a selection of models from classic Warzone, Rogue Trader (rather appropriately) and Sedition Wars, it is now just a case of coming up with a profile that fits four or five figures.

The painting and modeling projects will be kept to a minimum due to my time constraints and my current pesky job in London. Nonetheless, I have a few main projects to work on in 2017.
1. Completing the Dust Axis force
2. Starting the Steam Wars robot force
3. Complete the Rackham Dwarf models and a clockwork dragon for Dragon Rampant
4. Make progress on the huge Aircraft Carrier
5. Complete some terrain projects

Well that is the plan anyway…


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