Aeroneff Landing Section

I finally found some bits I needed to complete my Aeroneff landing section. There was actually more than one item holding me up; firstly, a base for the access walkways and secondly, a raised platform for the Aeroneff to land on.
Without a raised landing base, the walkways are about 3cm higher than the deck of the Aeroneff, so it was not quite right.
I spotted on eBay some recently released TT Combat raised Venetian Pavements that are 3cm in height. Lucky really, as that was just about the perfect height required to make it all line up.
The base boards were acquired by Mr Steinberg for his ever expanding town but the paving was not quite what he was looking for, so I …er…pinched them.
With some added lamp posts, this makes for a large terrain piece with plenty of room for models, including the large Aeroneff, soon to be christened “The Olympic”.
I still need to make a small ramp to go between the raised walkways and the Aeroneff, but it will be something like the above.


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