Recycling Mechs

Warmachine is one of those games that has fallen off my radar over the years. Although I like the Khador models and bought a small force, we stopped playing quite some time ago. I still have a few boxes of unmade models in the Loft Full Of Lead which I guess I should stick on eBay.

I have already rebased some Man O’War models to use in my British Steam Wars army so I thought I should turn my attention to the larger mechs. The Destroyer has a close combat and a ranged weapon, so I am just thinking about adding an extended barrel to the cannon.
With the Marauder below, I think I could get away with cutting off the battering ram piston thingys and then stick on some guns. The two Ramshackle bits in the photo may be a bit small.
I will also remove the Khador symbol from the chassis and maybe add a hatch.


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