Konflikt ’47 First Game

We played our first game of Clockwork Goblin and Warlord’s new Konklikt ’47 a few days ago. As I already have various weird war models, my Westwind Allied forces slotted nicely into a Konflikt ’47 US Army list.

As expected, Konflikt ’47 is very much like Bolt Action with some weird war additions.
However, it does feel like an opportunity partially lost, the rules do not really feel weird war enough. There are new units with the forces getting some heavily armoured infantry, flying infantry units and some mechs, but the rules for the new weapons don’t really add enough weird war flavour.
The Germans get a great new heavy weapon for their tanks, the Schwerefeld Projektor. This is a gravity manipulation weapon and I can’t help but think a secondary effect would have been fun to include, such as any targets hit may not move the next time they are activated.

American Heavy Infantry are simply infantry that are harder to wound, but they can still get bashed up by artillery. The army list only gives them an Assault Rifle option which is a shame, some heavier weapon options for the unit would have been nice.

It is always nice to use mechs, I am a huge fan of big stompy vehicles so any chance to include them in game is fine by me. How different a heavy mech is from a tank is a little unclear. The smaller mech rules are okay, but the Coyote has multiple weapons and a single crewman, so can only fire one weapon per activation. Why bother with two weapons?
One of the issues I have with Bolt Action and is now repeated with Konflikt ’47 is that transports such as halftracks are overpriced. Also, once any occupants have left an American halftrack, the HMG may not be fired. We will have to introduce a house rule so that a stationary halftrack may fire its HMG…
As for the rest of it, standard Bolt Action units remain unchanged from what I can see, infantry and artillery still form the backbone of any force.
Bolt Action is a solid game and Konflikt ’47 is an extension of that but with different models, as for its weird war setting, it is halfway there.

I do see why they have tried to keep them very similar, the Bolt Action Tank War supplement is already being promoted as Konflikt ’47 compatible with some on online rules updates.

It is a good set of rules and I am already planning my next games, this time fielding the Germans.


5 thoughts on “Konflikt ’47 First Game”

  1. hello there just been looking through your blog, like your work. I have a german panzershreck team in this konflikt 47 range, stumbled into that scale when i made a cannon bought them really to test the size of it. I dont actually war game yet but love making the scenery, think the minis look great though and the paint jobs are works of art.

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