What’s In The Loft Full Of Lead?

I was back in the Loft Full Of Lead to get all the luggage down ready for the holiday and I have realised (again) that I need to have a major clearout and tidy up.
The situation is getting pretty bad as I have a habit of buying stuff and not getting rid of anything I don’t use.

Of course the downside to getting rid of stuff is that long ago I would have eBayed my 6mm tanks, now being used in Horizon Wars, and a whole load of fantasy models would have gone and they are now making a comeback in Dragon Rampant.
Now I am in the situation that with a build up of 16 years worth of stuff in the Loft Full Of Lead I can’t find anywhere to put anything new. Even the recently painted stuff does not have boxes or cases to go into.
All of the bits saved for conversions are getting a too disorganised and they need an afternoon of sorting out.
I have tried to keep it all tidy, honest, but other stuff ends up in the way, especially kids toys that will never come down again…
Some of the newly purchased prepainted stuff is still in its boxes, expecially the new German half tracks and Nebelwerfer 42 for my Dust Axis army.

There has een one success recently, I cleared out the other end of the loft and chucked out a pile of old computers, screens, keyboards, zip drives, quarter inch tapes, cables and stuff I can’t even identify any more. That just means more space for wargames stuff.

Still, I guess I would not be a true wargamer if I did not have way too much stuff in storage.


2 thoughts on “What’s In The Loft Full Of Lead?”

  1. Throwing out or selling off things can be the hardest, but like a garden you have to go through every so often and remove the weeds. That’s how I like to look at it anyway.

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