Salute 2016

It is nearly that time of year again when Salute comes around to tempt large wads of cash out of my wallet. This year however there is not a huge amount on my shopping list, no new games to get into, but more of a chance to pick up some bits and pieces that will finish some other projects off.

I like to visit some regular favourite stands such as Hasslefree, Heresy, Black Scorpion, Westwind, Brigade and Ironclad where a few pennies will be spent I reckon.

Osprey also have a stand that will no doubt feature plenty of their Wargames series. There is a new book available at the show, Horizon Wars that I would not mind having a skim through before I part with some cash. This is a 6mm sci-fi game that sounds interesting and has massive Mechs, whats not to like?

Westwind have created the convention figure and as the general show theme is Steampunk, the figure is a rather fetching Steampunk character that will be provided with an Empire Of The Dead profile.
I have quite a collection of Salute convention figures, but this may well be the only one to ever make it on to the painting table.


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