More Prussian Scrunts

I wanted a few more of Bob Olley’s excellent scrunts to finish off my Prussian steampunk army. In particular, I wanted to order some bits for conversions and this actually meant picking components out of sets. Jackie at Olley’s Armies was very accommodating and picked the bits I wanted and sent them off.
Once I received them, I then started pondering even more conversions, I was going to just arm the Elite Guard unit with assault pistols of some sort, but I also had plenty of spare chainswords. Bob does have a habit of sculpting all of his weapons in the right hand of his models, actually I think he does it deliberately to keep terminal conversion hounds like myself happy. So my challenge was to take a right handed chainsword and fit it to a left hand, easy really, just need to use some good snippers and a new scalpel blade. The resulting Elite Unit are now tooled up for painting.
The other model I have been wanting to make for ages was based on a Rivet Wars Heavy Machine Gun carriage. I now had a couple of scrunts to add as driver gunners.


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