Steam Planes Undercarriage

Many many years ago I bought a load of very small steam planes. I can’t even remember why or what I was going to use them for.

Anyway, back in the present and with all things steampunky going on around here, it was time to dig them up and get them into Steam Wars. These wee things were made by Armorcast but I don’t think they are available any more.
I decided I wanted some undercarriage on the models and stuck a few bits of plasticard, mdf round offcuts and paperclips together to come up with these.
Having looked at the finished undercarriage I thought it did not really work and was about to chuck them in the skip without trying them on a model…but I did and thought they looked okay.
Just had to repeat the process for five more planes.
I have to repaint the underside of the models and then apply a quick paint job.
The next phase of the project is even more insane as I have six of these things and they need a base of operations.

More later.


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