Large Steam Wars Game

In yet amother Steam Wars game, the British went up against the as yet countryless Navy and their new skimmer ship.

One day I will get the rules posted here, especially now that they are pretty well sorted. Some new situations come up most games, but we have all been playing with toy soldiers for many, many many years, we usually find a nice resolution. I have been trying to keep the main rules to four pages and then have some extra bits for setup and abilities. So far so good.
The theatre of operations was Mr Steinbergs townscape with plenty of buildings for the troops to utilise as cover.

We picked 1000 points again, it seems to be enough units to get a good mix of models and enough on the table for a game lasting a few hours.
The Ironclad Medium tank provides great cover for following infantry.
As usual, there was a three bike unit of LMG Treadbikes, these have so far been in every British force I have fielded.
The Navy had some new artillery to call upon including a heavy canon with a tractor to quickly move it around.
Unarmed transports do not count towards the vehicle limit when constructing a force, this means it is easy enough to include a few extra vehicles to ferry troops around to critical locations.
Above shows the Treadbikes and a Machine Gun equipped armoured car ready to advance.
The Rivet Mortar is an indirect artillery weapon able to sit back and lob shells across a great range.
It did not take long for the first British tank to brew up, although it still makes for great cover for the following troops.
The advancing British Iron Man unit came under attack from Navy infantry but the heavy armour of the British held up well.
Only a few of the British Commando unit made it to the artillery unit and engaged them in melee.
More Navy infantry attacked the Treadbikes but their great speed allowed them to accelerate away from the combat.
The Ramshackle Brass Coffin armed with a Heavy Machine Gun turret provided the Navy with plenty of support fire.
Ironclad vehicles on both sides faced off for quite some time. We really need to pick some other colours for each side!
The Navy do look mighty well turned out in their crisp whites.
The British force called up some air support in the shape of an Armorcast Steam Plane, a Gnatt MK1. This was the first outing for an aircraft in Steam Wars and the flying rules worked well.
The British Rocket Launcher stayed well back in its own deployment zone and rained two indirect blast attacks every turn.
There was plenty of terrain for the infantry to use all the way across the table.

With this and the other games played recently, the rules are just about finished. I had to do a bit of a rewrite to the spreadsheet that calculates the army lists and the guys have been busy updating their army lists!


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