Massive Undercoating Backlog

Although my painting output has reduced somewhat over December and January, I have been busy putting loads of models together ready for painting. The trouble is I now have a large backlog of models waiting to be undercoated. The newest additions are three Ramshackle light tanks with magnetised weapons and hatches.
It is so cold and damp at the moment, I dare not underoat anything in the garage so I will have to wait, with luck the temperature tomorrow is due to be a bit better so you never know!
Basically, I have three piles of models, the first to be sprayed white (the infantry), the second to be sprayed green (the tanks) and the third to be sprayed grey (the trucks and drop pod).
The trucks are some cheap kids toys that I found lying around so I removed the skickers from them and covered with paper to cover the glue remnants.


2 thoughts on “Massive Undercoating Backlog”

  1. I find I get stuck at this step too. No garage, so for me it is waiting for a day with low wind so I can spray in the backyard. (Note to self, remember to bring washing in BEFORE spraying!)

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