Steam Wars Town Game

A few weeks ago, we had another game of Steam Wars in a heavily built up town. Large vehicles were not very useful and it was down to the foot soldier to go from building to building fighting up close.
We used some tiled tiles (!) that are sold as bases for Christmas village dioramas, but they work equally well as a town square.
My British Diver unit was quite effective as they moved to engage with some Teutonic Knight infantry.
There was loads of terrain on the table for this one and most units were benefiting from cover most of the time.
The British Treadbikes were in action again, but with enemy units mostly positioned in buildings, their target opportunities were limited.
Tuetonic Knight Jump Troops were the most mobile of the troops in play, able to use their rocket packs to leap from building to building before swooping down on a British infantry unit.
Even the British Treadbikes found it difficult to move in the narrow confines of the town.


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