The Games Ahead

Along with the list of model projects to work on in 2016, there are a number of games that are high up on the list to be played.

Recently there has been plenty of my own Steam Wars game and that will continue as the rules get finalised and the various forces of the gaming group get bigger.

dusttacticsDust Battlefield (and maybe even Warfare) will make several appearances I am sure, especially as I am going to start my Axis painting project soon (ish).

Frostgrave is a nice small game that we will keep coming back to.

Warzone Resurrection has been neglected recently due to so many other games, but I have old style Dark Legion and Imperial to field.

Other steampunk games, Empire Of The Dead and In Her Majesty’s Name also need to get played.

samurai4Bushido is a favourite and Ronin is an untried game at the moment, both able to use many of the same Samurai models.

Fist Full Of Kung Foo is another of the simple games that has a great deal of scope and the rules are such that you can improvise plenty during a game.

Confrontation and Hybrid did not come out in 2015 at all and Joken is as keen as I to play a few games.

Using some models from something like Sedition Wars will allow us to try out the new Black Ops rule book.

mow1zzeThere are loads of Pirate games around and we will have to try out Cutlass, Legends Of The High Seas and On The Seven Seas.
I also fancy having another go at a cowboy game of some description, Mr Steinberg has the Deadlands rules, so perhaps that.

There are also a few board games that are always good to dig out like Rivet Wars, Space Hulk, AvP and who knows, maybe even Blood Bowl.


2 thoughts on “The Games Ahead”

  1. I have purchased Star Wars Imperial Assault and want to get a few games in for that. Also got X-Wing recently, only had a couple of demo games but that is a lot of fun. Been doing more board games recently as work have a board game night once a month, have to persuade them ti include minis. 🙂 Maybe run a Warlands demo. 🙂

  2. In her Majesty’s Name is a fantastic rules set with a lot of scope for narrative gameplay. I need to get a game of Frostgrave in at some point

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