Steam Wars Ravine Game

The Steam Wars play testing is coming along very quickly with lots of refinements being added each game. The basic rules are still on four pages but I am adding some game play examples that attempt to explain specific scenarios.

One recent game was again played on Mr Steinbergs excellent ravine terrain table. I used my Prussian Scrunts and Mr Steinberg used his rapidly growing Navy themed force.
His Navy army is coming along very quickly and includes models from a few different ranges. I especially like the roller bots that he was quite tempted to paint yellow and call them Minion Bots…
There are more pictures on Mr Steinbergs own blog which include some better shots showing more of the terrain table.
I resurrected a War Machine Mercenary Warjack that fits in well with the Prussian Scrunts.
One of the nice features of the ravine terrain table is some rocky rapids.
Some Black Scorpion Marines were drafted in to assist the rest of Mr Steinbergs Navy force.
The very rocky terrain was perfect for the heavily armoured Prussian Jump Troops to leap about in. We have reduced the jump pack distance a model may leap as they could get anywhere very quickly.
The Prussian close combat unit had to go the long way round to get to their target.
The Roller Bot had to take on the last surviving Jump Trooper in melee
As a lone surviving model from a unit may join another unit, the Navy officer joined with the red coats to provide some command support.
I am planning to get some laser cut counters made for our games, what I have in mind a fairly generic and so can be used in other games.
The Navy artillery had a good defensive position with a good field of fire considering the very rocky nature of the terrain.

So the changes to the rules and indeed model profiles are being written up for the next game. At some stage I will make the rules available to download.


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