More Frostgrave

In our most recent game of Frostgrave, we tried using some more rules such as some random effects when coming into contact with treasure; this caused some zombies to appear on a table edge and attack anything close by. Nasty.

The Wall spell has rapidly become one of my favourites, I printed a suitable image found on the internet and stuck it to card and a base to make a cool on table effect.
It is a great spell for sticking in front of the opponents and stopping them getting to an objective.
Tracking wounds on the soldiers means that some sort of dice or counter is needed, as they all have 10 wounds, some small 10 sided dice would be nice.

As the game seems to revolve around getting treasure off the table, you end up with several models just rushing up to a pile of goodies and then heading straight off the table with them.
The laser cut mdf scenery that Mr Steinberg has makes a great town to contest, some ramps were added between building to add a second level to the game.


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