Fist Full Of Kung Foo

A few weeks ago, I forwarded an eBay auction that I had spotted which I really like the look of to Mr Steinberg, it was a massive terrain set of a winding river through some cliffs and mountains.

He was rather taken with it as well and bought it for £15. Bargain.
So now in the Steinberg shed is an impressive bit of scenery. If is very well constructed  with lots of fine detail. There are plenty of bridges across the ravines that are made from string and match sticks.
We had another game of Fist Full Of Kung Foo with the mission being to recover some sensitive equipment from a downed aircraft.
To add some extra complexity, we had randomly generated D6 zombie/skeletons to appear each turn there was any gunfire, which was pretty much every turn after the first.
This is one of those games which is pretty quick to play and allows all sorts of models to be used.
A Fist Full Of Kung Foo gang consists of a protagonist, which is the hero, a bruiser, which is the hero’s right hand man and a bunch of expendble extras. The protagonist suceeds on most things on a D6 roll of 2+ (Q2) with everyone else needing a 4+ (Q4). We came up with a house rule to improve the ability of the bruiser a little by making him a Quality 3 model so can succeed on a 3+ at most things.


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