Paused Games

After my “currently playing” and “too many” games posts, I was working on a shelved games post, but could not bring myself to include these two games in that category. So I have created a new category of “paused” games, these are games that may have not been played in the last twelve months, but I still count as among my favourite games

orc-jackal-tracker2Confrontation Third Edition
Probably my favourite game of the last ten years, so why don’t I play it more often?

Joken and I had been keeping it alive up until about a year ago, but several other new games muscled in to our limited gaming time and Confrontation was one that suffered.

devourer-huntsman2Confrontation was (is) a superb skirmish game from Rackham that was popular up until 2010 when the company imploded. We still lament its passing. The figures were some of the best I have ever seen.

My first army were the Devourers, giant wolf type bipeds with some scary weapons and attitude. I dabbled with the Griffon and then got into the Orcs in a big way. I also had a large Tir-Na-Bor Dwarf army that remained unpainted for ages until we started Frostgrave recently.

To make matters worse, I also bought a load of Cadwallon models from eBay with the intention of getting a new faction painted and into play. It may be more likely that they end up seeing action as another Frostgrave faction.

There is still an unpainted Goblin warband in the Loft Full Of Lead, they have been up there so long, I can’t even remember what is in the box. I don’t think there are any more factions lurking up there…

Blood Bowl – Third Edition (Living Rulebook)
In my opinion, the best Game$ Work$hop game. I will be going back to this, it is just a question of time. I have played in and run a few leagues over the years and it never gets old.

Not sure how many teams I have, but apart from standard Human, Orc, Dark Elf and Undead teams, I have put together some more unusual teams including using unofficial rules such as for the Snotlings, which quite frankly were rubbish, but amusing.