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My previous post went on about how many rule books I have that I have not tried yet, but fortunately there is a reasonably healthy list of games that do get played on a regular or a least semi-regular basis.

I have limited those listed here to games played in the last twelve months or so. Anything else should really fall into the shelved category.


One of the biggest releases recently has been Frostgrave, a single book with an (optional) supporting range of models, which is actually unusual for an Osprey book.

This is one of those rule books that was purchased and then tried quite quickly. One of the advantages of Frostgrave is that one can use just about any fantasy figures, so with 25 years worth of stuff in the Loft Full Of Lead, it would have been a sad day if I could not muster a ten man warband. Apart from my dislike of the ranged combat rules, it just seems way to difficult to hit anything, it is a nice game with a simple campaign system.

dusttacticsWhen the original Dust Tactics box was released, I bought it for GB£60 if I remember correctly. At that stage I was moderately interested in Dust but must more interested in the four Mechs in the box. I tried out the Dust Tactics rules a few times but on the whole was not converted, I would rather play a game on a scenery base table rather than a tile based table.

What I did like was the proper tabletop wargame Dust Warfare that came out shortly after. This used more traditional tabletop wargames rules.

As if that was not enough, Dust Studios then release Dust Tactics 2.0 which included another tabletop variant called Dust Battlefield. I have not tried the revised Tactics rules, but have played the Battlefield version, which is brutal.

bushidoGTC Studios is another small company that deserve plenty of support. Their fantasy Samurai Bushido rules use an excellent opposed dice roll combat system which is quite different to anything else I have played. It adds an extra element to the phase, rather than just one player rolling to hit and then damage. I have four factions in total, but two favourites, The Savage Wave and the Cult Of Yurei. The other two, The Ito and The Prefecture get used much less.

empireofthedeadWestwinds Empire Of The Dead is a very simple game, with plenty of factions but not restricted to their own model range. I was able to drop in loads of Lead Adventure models and various other makes to put together several gangs, especially a Gentleman Club as they are quite generic.

Being able to plunder my Fantasy Vampire Counts army was very useful, including the black coach and some nice character Vampires.

Many years ago, Warzone, both the first and second editions was my staple sci-fi game. It is what replaced 40K and really opened my eyes to the world outside of Game$ Work$hop. Unfortunately, the publisher Target Games stretched themselves too thin and they imploded.

warzone-resurrection-logoFast forward to 2014 and Prodos have acquired the rights and produced Warzone Resurrection, effectively a third edition for those with a long memory. They kicked off the reboot with a Kickstarter campaign that generated a fair some of cash and a late product delivery. I resisted that Kickstarter, my thoughts were that I already have piles of figures in the Loft Full Of Lead and would eventually get the rule book if any other gaming colleagues decided to jump in at a later stage, which Joken did, buying into the Capitol.

AgeOfSigmarAge Of Sigmar is the controversial reboot of Warhammer Fantasy Battle. I bailed out of Warhammer Fantasy Battle a long time ago as it just was not fun any more. My fantasy fix was fulfilled by my No Quarter rules with their Siege and Naval Battles supplements.

When Game$ Work$hop released the free rules and army lists, sorry, I meant Warscrolls, then it seemed like a good idea to give it a go. There was none of this rushing out to but the accompanying box set with its Blood Angel Sigmarines, it was more a case of seeing what we already have that fits the army lists. So having a played a couple of games of Empire versus Undead, I think we can say that it is very simplistic but a good chance to play a massive game for the spectacle and a good laugh.

afistfullofkungfuA Fist Full Of Kung Fu is a new release from Osprey. It is a reasonably simple set of rules that tries to recreate a movie confrontation. Once again, it is possible to use various models to fulfill each sides gang, so I have quite a mixture from all sorts of places, some of which I don’t even know where they came from.

One of the nice features of Fist Full Of Kung Fu is the ability to “find stuff” during the game, like a gun or the makings of a Molotov Cocktail or “break stuff” causing something unpleasant to happen to an opponent. Generally good fun.

untitledAT-43 may be defunct, but myself and Joken still dig it out and have a game even now and then. We usually get a truly massive game in around Christmas just to see how much we can get on a table.

Towards the end of 2014, I bought a Cogs army from various sellers on Ebay, but the Karman are still my favourite. Some gamers have created an AT-43 crossover army list for Dust, which I will have to try against Mr Steinberg.

Rivet_Wars_BoxRivet Wars is what I class as a board game, so the models will not get painted unless I find myself with so much time on my hands I have nothing else to do. Retired maybe…

This is great game when I can’t make up my mind what else to do. Just unbox and play. The rules are very simple and its great fun. The models are excellent and a change from the usual 28mm scale I game with.

DystopianWarsLogoFor something a bit different, we have a 1/1200th scale ship combat games Dystopian Wars. This is another of those games that comes out now and then. There has been a few changes to the rules, but we are sticking to the “modified” version of the original book, which is not as confusing as it sounds. I have one fleet, it is all painted, which is something of a rarity and I don’t have plan to get another fleet.

boltactionOne would think that Osprey Publishing is taking over at the Loft Full Of Lead, Bolt Action is a joint venture from Osprey and Warlord Games.

I like this game as the random nature of unit activation adds an extra suspense each time a player draws a dice. My main army is my US Army, which to be fair is mostly Westwind Secrets Of The Third Reich models.

arcadiaquestboxArcadia Quest is another Kickstarter purchase that I got to see is the kids would be interested in a board game of this genre. The chibi style models caught their interest and we have started a once a week after school games night where we get to explore the city and chop up the bad guys. It does take a while to set up as there are loads of counters and cards.

adventuretimecardwarsAnother game for the kids, but which I secretly enjoy, is Card Wars, a card based on the characters of the Adventure Time cartoon series. It actually seems to play a lot like Magic The Gathering if I remember right. It is mad and silly but where else do you get a chance to “floop the pig”.

The final three I am listing here are games that I have written myself going back to 2001.

NoQuarterNo Quarter was written because I had given up on Warhammer Fantasy Battle and still wanted to use my models for something. It has expanded over the years to include a few supplements for Siege and Naval Battles. I actually still have plans to simplify it a bit more and introduce a two action mechanic as used in Steam Wars.

nolimitsNext came No Limits around 2006 which used the same mechanics as No Quarter but designed for sci-fi games. This was my chance to get all of my old Space Marine, Ork, Warzone, Dark Age and Vor models back on the table. I would still like to expand on it some more, but there is never the time. I also bought a few unusual armies form independent businesses such as The Spugs and the Hydrissians to name two.

steam-wars1The latest effort is Steam Wars, which regular readers will have seen in some recent posts, it pits steampunk forces against each other but with a hint of late fantasy.