What’s On The Table

For the really dirty jobs, I retire to the garage. It’s either that or end up with the other half complaining about the mess.

Two different things going on here, firstly, the gritting up of the Kalistra craters I bought at the Derby/Donington show a few weeks ago.
trench1These are a test run for how I want to decorate and paint the large trench system I picked up at the same time. The trenches are a much bigger challenge and I want to enhance the wooden trench duckboards and revetments.

The second piece is a rather nice castle ruin I bought off eBay last week, perfect for Frostgrave and just about any other game.
Using plenty of white wood glue, I literally paint it on and then pour loads of sand and grit over the top. As I said, very messy.

The castle ruin just needed gritting around the outer edge, leaving the castle ruin part untouched.

When it is all dry, a healthy undercoating should help seal it all ready for drybrushing and inking.


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