Frostgrave Warband

frostgravelogoMy Frostgrave warband for tonight’s first game is ready to go. With a maximum of ten models in a warband, I have painted up some of my Rackham Tir-na-Bor dwarves.

Below is the magic user and his apprentice. Strictly speaking, the model on the right is a Thermo Priest but he will do nicely as a magic user in Frostgrave.
The whole warband consists of ten models, two magic users, one crossbowman, one infantryman, one man-at-arms and five thugs.
The Rackham dwarf crossbowman has an odd looking crossbow, but all the Rackham dwarves had the same style weapon, very different from the Confrontation Orcs and the more typically sculpted crossbows from other ranges.
The man-at-arms and infantryman are sword carrying models, at a much higher points cost than the thugs, it will be interesting to see if they are worth it.

I still have not decided what magic school to try out, could be a bit obvious and go Elemental…


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