It looks like the next new game about to get played in our little group is Frostgrave. Being just a rulebook and available from books.etc for under UKĀ£8 it seems rude not to give it a try.
I like the look of this, as it is more very small warbands of about eight to ten figures, it won’t take much to try it out.

It looks like my first warband will be a picked from my Dwarf Tir-Na-Bor collection as I have two wizard types, one of which can be the apprentice. The next trick is to be able to pick models that are suitably armed for the roles of thug, man-at-arms and crossbowman.

I also hope this will encourage me to paint up more of my Rackham Cadwallon faction for use as a warband, but do I rebase from square bases to round bases?