AvP Game

A couple of weeks ago John and I had our first game of Prosos’ new Aliens Versus Predator board game, the Kickstarter that generated £379,141 from 2,094 backers back in 2013. I would like to say that we were both using delivered pledges but that would only be half true. John’s has indeed delivered and it is a nicely put together game. My copy on the other hand is still in some warehouse in Poland waiting to be shipped along with about 250 UK backers. Sigh…
Anyway, our first attempt at the game was a little slow and interspersed with numerous reads of rules to see how certain situations should work. At least Prodos have made the rules available as a PDF download so I was able to read them on my tablet.

We had a second go this week and decided to play the actual rules rather than what we thought the rules said, usually a much better idea.
So the second attempt was much more successful than the first, but we still missed some bits and we did not use the environment cards.

Alternate model activation makes it totally different from a certain other game and there are not endless reinforcements for the Alien player.

Also, we did not try the Predators…

The Aliens need to rely on their speed to get behind the Marines and mount an assault from the front and the rear, with some being able to move four sections this does not appear to be difficult.
The Marines are not able to carry over the “sentry” action until the model is next activated in the next turn, which is a bit odd as the action is wasted, a model loses its sentry status at the end of the turn, leaving a model open to attack.
It was looking very bleak for the Marines, they were pretty much surrounded and wholly outnumbered. I thought we would be in the pub by nine…
The strategy cards make a huge difference, some giving a good bonus to hit, an extra attack, an extra reduction of armour, an extra move and lots of others.
The Smart Gunners ability to reroll hits is very misses is very useful and they can decimate a group of Aliens.
The Marines managed to snatch a victory with two surviving to the end and able to meet their objective.
Of course these are just the baby Aliens and once the full grown Alien Warriors make an appearance the Marines will not find it as easy to win through. They may just have to nuke the site from orbit instead and go straight to the pub.


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