More Artillery

Here are a couple more of the Spartan Games bargains acquired recently. I think both of these will be used in the Imperial Regency army as the Prussians have lots already.

The anti tank gun is a nice gun for the Regency army.
The rocket launcher is a large model and will dwarf its crew!
And finally there is a Tesla weapon, although I may use it as a sonic cannon.

I thought I would use some magnets so the varius guns can be towed behind the APC’s.
I trimmed the ends of the gun carriage and added a 2mm magnet. Then by drilling out the towing hitch a little, I could fit another magnet. It all works well enough.


Prussian Land Train

The Ramshackle Land Train is the centerpiece of the Prussian Scrunt Army. I remember when I first saw these online, I thought they would really complement each other.
So here are just a few of the Prussian Scrunts with their massive Land Train and a supporting trio of PugStugs.

Land Train

Once I actually got going with the Ramshackle Land Train, it did not take too long to paint. A bit of highlighting on the edges and some detail bits here and there and it was pretty much done.

Both the PugStugs and the Land Train would benefit from a bit of weathering. Some bits will take some Army Painter inking, whilst others need some dirt and grime applying. I am thinking about experimenting with the sponge technique but I need another model to practice on first.

The turret is optional and if it is left off, there is space for a commander in what is effectively a conning tower.
Two of the trailers are quite generic and will take a variety of additional components. I have an idea to make a Zeppelin transport of some kind to allow two of the small Zeppelins to be transported.
There is a prisoner transport option for one of the trailers.
And for the second trailer, a rather lethal looking quad cannon.
The last trailer is a troop transport or command car. I added a couple of bits to the front of the trailer as it was a bit flat.
I also added an optional machine gun turret from the Ramshackle Tridlins section. It is held in place by magnets so easily pops off.
The whole thing together is quite impressive and rather long. It will certainly dominate the tabletop.