Bath Chair Of Sorts

Not sure if this really fits in with the style of my steampunk Imperial Regency army, but for GB£4 it seemed like a good buy.
I think it was the cup of tea that sold it to me (or is it gin and tonic?), that and the very large blunderbuss attached to the side.


4 thoughts on “Bath Chair Of Sorts”

    1. Carl at Wargames Workshop had been given a box of Dystopian Legions stuff to sell off as they were bailing out of it. I really liked the vehicles so jumped in for a pile. At GB£8 for a vehicle box and GB£4 for a small box it was too good to pass up.
      After this lot, I then bought more the following week, most of which you are seeing in recent posts.
      It all adds to the Loft Full Of Lead, although there is a lot of resin up there as well…

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