Bolt Action

Bolt Action is one of those games that looks really good but I just don’t play enough. Too many games, not enough time.

In an attempt to put that right, we had a large game, pretty much ignoring the force construction rules, so we could try out lots of different units again and remind us how it works.

Two Shermans on the American side did not last long, leaving the German armour to do what they wanted.
The American infantry advanced using ever bit of cover available.
As did the Germans, this is not a game to get caught out in the open.boltaction3
An armoured German Nebelwerfer was hard to kill, but also had trouble hitting targets. The Panzer IV and the Marder had a much better day.
German artillery got itself into a good position and was able to drop shells onto the Americans.
American Bazooka unit got a shot off  against the German armour but failed to hit. Twice.
An American flamer did get a hit on a German armoured car and caused it to promptly retreat. But that was not before the armoured car took out an American halftrack.
More US infantry advance towards the German lines.
An American HMG team were largely ineffective and spent the entire afternoon exchanging bursts with a German HMG team.
The Americans decided to retreat and the day belonged to the Germans.

Bolt Action is good game that really must come out more often.


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