Lasercut Stuff

I can’t believe that I have not bought any lasercut mdf kits before now. For the last few years the aroma at wargames shows such as Salute and Colours has been dominated by the smell of burnt mdf.
I thought to start with I would keep it simple and get a gangway kit and make a proper landing pad for my Aeroneff ship. These bits are from an outfit called ttCombat and they came off eBay.
This kit will make two sets of steps with a raised platform providing access to the Aeroneff.

For a bit of extra detail, I have also acquired some lamps to put around the base. It is all in the detail don’t you know. The question is how to paint the complete model, it will be quite big when it is done, each of the stair sections is about 12cm high in total. Should be able to undercoat the whole thing grey and then make it look a bit metallic.


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