Prussian Scrunt Marathon

It begins. After much faffing around, procrastination and general tardiness, the Prussian Scrunt painting marathon has begun. I have had these models from Bob Olley’s Kickstarter around for a while, but several other projects had to be completed before I could start on this lot.

prussiancolours1The colour scheme is based on the uniform shown here, although I don’t need to worry about the light blue trousers, as Bob’s Scrunts are somewhat lacking in the leg department. The blue I have selected is Coat d’arms Royal Blue. I did not want anything too dark as it could end up looking black.

I started by doing five models to make sure I like the colour scheme. I actually managed to paint these pretty quickly, so I am hopeful that all of the fifty plus models won’t take me months to do.

prussianunitx5cI also have some artillery to complete, but I plan to break the marathon into smaller sprints, so painting the artillery crew with the artillery should break up the tasks at hand.

So far, two units of five have been completed along with a few specialists and officers.
One of the things I like about Bob Olley’s Scrunts is that the heads are nice and big and I can actually paint the eyes. On a typical 28mm model, the eyes are just too damn small and I don’t usually bother. These Scrunts have clearly defined eyes and it is very easy to dot the pupil.

I have several engineer models, although I may need some more as I have quite a bit of artillery for them.
There are also a couple of medics to keep the stout chaps in the fight.
Not a bad start to the Scrunts, now I just have to keep the momentum going.


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