Salute 2015

Yesterday was the Salute wargames show at the Excel in London and I went with a few wargaming buddies to spend some cash and see what is new in the world of toy soldiers.

There was not a great deal on my shopping list, but it is always good to be tempted by something new. It is a big show and there is always plenty to see and many ways to empty ones wallet. My first stop was at Black Scorpion to pick up some Navy Marines, more ship crew and a copy of the Cutlass rule book.

I then found a great looking games table with a massive sea and land game in progress with some great looking ships.Salute1
All of these ships were made from wood with plenty of detail, puts my Playmobil conversions to shame.Salute2
This guy must have been more than seven feet tall.
The Hawk Games stand had gone way over the top with this huge space ship model. The detail was amazing and I dread to think how long it took to make.Salute3
The whole thing was illuminated including the engines which just by themselves were stunning.
I found a company called Clockwork Goblin who had some nice looking heavy infantry. I thought these would fit in well with my Steampunk army. Very nice sculpts. I thought of a cool colour scheme that should fit in with the red and blue of the rest of the infantry in the steampunk army.
They were not that easy to put together as arms were designed to only fit one or two of the torsos. It was trial and error to get them to match up…

Clockwork Goblin also did some Tesla turrets, in 28mm and 15 mm scale so I bought both…

From Zinge Industries, I purchased a couple of their Tank Bikes. Originally I thought I would use these with the human Meridian steampunk army, but as the design is inspired by the German A7 tank I thought they should really be added to the Prussian Scrunt army. I also thought the 15mm Tesla turrets from Clockwork Goblin could be added to the chassis as an option. Should have bought more of these tank bikes…
That is Salute done for another year, apart from a couple of Bushido models and some paints, that was it for me. I am busy putting them together and undercoating. I have to get a move on with the Prussian Scrunts and all the support gubbins, there is still lots to do and buying more really does not help.

For more Salute pictures go here or here or here or indeed here.

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