Amok Slayers

These guys are great, massive swords and huge brass ball flails
It is great how the clothing can be painted as patchwork colours and have prominent stitching to hold it all together.


2 thoughts on “Amok Slayers”

  1. Very nice. How did you paint the brass and the metal? Both looks very convincing. I like that you went for a nice bright contrasting colour for the stitches. Really gives definition to the armour.

    1. Thanks, I really do cheat when it comes to painting, I pretty much block paint colours and then paint on Army Painter Dark Tone. These were done with the horribly messy tinned resin gloop, but I now use the water based ink. So the armour was just done with Bolt Gun metal and the brass with a very old pot of GW Dwarven Brass.

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