Long Overdue AvP

Rushing towards a year late, the Aliens versus Predator Kickstarter may actually be released soon, Prodos have been suggesting it may be out in time for Salute in April
This is my one and only outstanding Kickstarter, everything else has been delivered and I am happy with them all. The only one of the delivered projects not to get used so far has been Relic Knights. The models are great, the rules look interesting, but they are not together yet. Relic Knights delivered very late and by the time it arrived, other backers I knew had sort of lost interest in it. It has currently been relegated to the back burner, otherwise called the Loft Full Of Lead.

I found this old Aliens APC in the Loft Full Of Lead, although it could do with dusting and some minor repair work, it is the right size for a squad of Colonial Marines when they actually arrive.


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